Success in unity

In the recent years, the IT development, optimization, efficiency, consumer confidence and purchasing behavior are changing dramatically.
Noticing that the society is changing, Intercore's strength is the capability to create a marketing by understanding the feelings and behavior of the user.

We focus on reaching the same goal as our clients.
We believe in a small but high-skilled team, and we are sure that it is possible to lead to "success" to client with the belief of creating 1 from 0.

Jin Yanagida
Intercore Co., Ltd. President and CEO

  • One industry
    One company system

    In order to offer you the best service, we believe in a Crossed partnership trusted by your company.
    We will adhere to each company to avoid the leakage of secrets.

  • Minority capability

    We are not seeking to become a large-scale agency.
    To overcome competitors, all the required is a high-quality promotion and marketing task.
    Even with fewer staff members, if each of them are experts, we believe it's possible to offer an excellent service and dedication that cannot be offered on a large-scale agency.

  • Group

    In the actual client service, we use a marketing account executive as a leader, and the creative staff will set a team.
    We will offer the client service once the staff gets familiar with the market and user environment surrounding your company.