Tools Web production and translation business·announcement recording·research business

Yamaha Co., Ltd.
From 2015

Provided foreign staff for Sound Universal Design System (OMOTENASHI GUIDE app) project. Translation to 14 languages and announcement recording. Conducted a survey to foreign users. Renovation of the app, production of the website and other tools.


Planning, teaching production, casting

With us Corporation
From 2016

We invited the people of the celebrities that have been at the forefront as part of the ICT education, to give live online lessons students from more than 30 campuses nationwide.
All students attend the interactive lessons using iPad mini.


TRICITY Ambassador 2016
Planning, shooting, web design production

Yamaha Motorcycle Sales Japan Co.,Ltd.
September 2016

Responsible for the promotion of bird City Ambassador for the third consecutive year.
In 2016, under the theme of "picnic date in the TRICITY", worked on the creation of the website and promotional video.
Using a panoramic screen to take advantage of photos and videos, studded motif of the "holiday" image.

TRICITY Ambassador 2016 TRICITY Ambassador 2016

Vocaloid Web design

Yamaha Corporation
July 2015

We created the website of vocaloid "Sachiko", which reproduces the singer Kobayashi Sachiko's voice.
To reach the "final boss feeling", we created a gorgeous atmosphere with illustrations while keeping it simple.

Vocaloid Web design Vocaloid Web design

Bolt café Cafe jack project
Planning, store organization, exhibit booth and novelty production

Yamaha Motorcycle Sales Japan Co.,Ltd.
March 13 to April 30, 2015

Made Yamaha BOLT C-spec the main character of trendy coffee shops from Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka.
Organized an exhibition event to reach a market sector that usually has no contact with motorcycles.
Event and exhibition planning.

Bolt café Cafe jack project Bolt café Cafe jack project

TRICITY Ambassador 2014
Planning, event production and tool production

Yamaha Motorcycle Sales Japan Co.,Ltd.
July 2014 - May 2015

Tie-up between Misukore and AGESTOCK, planning made "from young people thought for the young people". Appeal to TRICITY through various activities that attract students, in order to connect young people and bikes, deploying multiple planning.

Misukyan TRICITY Ambassador

Selected 5 Misukyan candidates is the SNS and University festival TRICITY.
PR through off-campus activities. Efforts using each media made possible to appeal to many college students.

AGESTOCK 2014, 2015 exhibition

Student organizations co-marketing with AGESTOCK Executive Committee.
Appealed to 8,500 visitors, providing them the opportunity to touch and ride the bikes.

Other events planning, incorporating the students point of view, organizing exhibitions in school festivals and other events, such as flash mobs in Shibuya.
Great diffusion taking advantage of the SNS and the Web.

TRICITY Ambassador 2014 TRICITY Ambassador 2014 TRICITY Ambassador 2014 TRICITY Ambassador 2014

Vocaloid Web design

Yamaha Corporation
August 2014

Created a Web site of Vocaloid “Galaco", that was born from the idea of the actress and singer ​​Shibasaki Kou.
Renoval of the character image, including large illustrations to give and impressive design.

Vocaloid Web design Vocaloid Web design

YAMAHA MT-07 Shibuya jack
Planning and production

Yamaha Motorcycle Sales Japan Co.,Ltd.
July 2014 (1 week)

To evoke interest in the bikes through the original animated short "Master of torque" of Yamaha Motors, we took an ad track equipped with a real machine MT-07 to Shibuya.
Master-of-torque video was also uploaded to internet, appealing to about 10 million people.

YAMAHA MT-07 Shibuya jack YAMAHA MT-07 Shibuya jack

55mph project
Event planning and production

Yamaha Motorcycle Sales Japan Co.,Ltd.
June-November 2014

Following the theme of 55mph project "lifestyle with bike", we expanded the "Garage style by BOLT" to show the garage culture motif from BOLT.
Using an air stream to give an adult garage image, we performed an exhibition in Hakone Turnpike and Daikanyama, appealing to Yamaha's vision of the world and achieving an improvement of the corporate image.

55mph project 55mph project

Event planning and production

Yamaha Motorcycle Sales Japan Co.,Ltd.
September to November 2013 / September to November 2014

Exhibition of Yamaha new model in the 9 shopping malls over the country.
Aiming to reactivate the demand offering contact with bikes in different concessionaires and performing new "life style proposals" involving bikes.
About 20.000 people touched the bike in 2013 and about 40.000 people did it in 2014 (90% of them non-users).



Ear beauty therapist Association

Ear Beauty Therapists Association INC. (EBTA) is an association created by Inter-core Co., Ltd.
It was established as a new business in June 2011.
EBTA promotes its distinctive therapy practices with focus on cheek lifting using ear acupuncture methods
and offers training programs to nurture active therapists on-site.
Additionally, we are dedicated in promoting ear beauty therapists
and its attractive profession in both domestic and international markets.

Ear beauty therapist Association
Strengths of EBTA
Certified therapists with vast experience in ear acupuncture therapy are enrolled.
Offers Makeup Artist Institute's 40 years of education expertise through tie-in.
Provides extensive support for salon introduction such as transferring therapists and follow-ups to support the ear acupuncture jewelry therapy.
Offers high design products to meet various lifestyles.
Business Outline
Promotion of beauty treatment therapy using ear acupuncture
Therapist training business- instruction materials development and training sessions
Association certification business; Implementation of EBTA certification program
Ear acupuncture market reviews and reports
Product development and sales
Certified therapists' deployment
Activity Outline
Promotion of technical skills (trials and promotional events)
Implementation of EBTA certification course
Implementation of EBTA certification exam
Other businesses approved to meet the objectives
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